3 Fitness Dating Tips For Guys

December 29, 2016

Are you the type of guy who like dating fitness women? Do find an athletic woman to be much more attractive than a woman who is simply thin or of average build? Can you appreciate a woman with muscle?

If you said yes to any of these questions then chances are that you are more inclined to be into fitness dating than most of your buddies. Therefore, many of the beliefs they have about dating women will not necessarily translate to your preferences. Here are three tips to help you in case you are the only one out of your group of friends who likes athletic women.

First, know that many of the challenges that your friends face with women will be different. For example, many non-athletic women want to differentiate themselves from other women in terms of being able to attract men; and this means that they are subject to becoming dependent on clothes, shoes, makeup, handbags, and other actions to stand out. An athletic woman, especially one at a high level such as a bodybuilder or top athlete, carries her uniqueness with her 24 hours a day. Even if she does not like all of the attention, an athletic woman will stand out in any crowd due to her low body fat percentage, level of muscularity, or body proportions compared to other women in the group. So you, to be successful, you should embrace her uniqueness and find out what makes her passionate about her chosen sport or athletic activity.

Next, be sure that you are comfortable with yourself even if she can perform certain athletic activities better than you can. Most guys cannot handle this emotionally, so they automatically reject athletic or muscular women because the guys cannot deal with being “inferior” in any way physically. Even though the woman may be absolutely beautiful on the outside, and even more beautiful on the inside, oftentimes she will get excluded because she is good at her chosen activity. Talk about being rude! The tip is for you to be good at your chosen activities and use her accomplishments as encouragement and motivation for you to improve. Every beautiful and kind woman who is athletic has this philosophy because it is the healthiest approach; and if you make it a part of you then your odds of success increase.

Finally, you have to be more authentic than your buddies. Many athletic women, especially those who are athletes, understand the reality of situations very well. They also often are results-oriented, so always be authentic and truthful. This is the best philosophy with all women; but your friends may used to tricks, hiding the truth, etc. Athletic women usually do not fall for these tricks, so be a truthful guy and a “cool customer” at all times. It will serve you well in virtually any situation.

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